Meeting Robert Patrick

In October of 2013, my wife and I celebrated our 11 year wedding anniversary.  We also kind of called it our honeymoon we did not get to have.  When my wife (Shai) and I got married, I was in the Marine Corps.  I literally flew in, got married and had a one night honeymoon, then flew out the next day.


We never had the funds or ability to ever make up for missing a real honeymoon.  Ironic enough, the only real difference in our 11 year anniversary and when we got married is we advanced it by one day.  We still can only afford just two days.  Haha! Doesn’t matter, we have a happy life and a wonderful marriage.  So back to how we met Robert Patrick. We saved up just enough money to stay at the Omni Hotel in Irving, TX.  Wow!  This place is gorgeous!  Not our average hotel stay for sure!  We were getting ready to go downstairs to go to i Fratelli restaurant to eat dinner.  We were in the elevator and when it stops at another floor and a gentlemen gets on.  Now those of you who know me are well aware that I can pretty much spark up a conversation with anyone, it doesn’t bother me (it may the other person haha!).  So I asked the gentlemen how he was doing, etc…  We started to talk and Shai begins to jab me in my side.  I thought it was because I was embarrassing her for talking to someone in the elevator and she just wanted me to be quite (wouldn’t have been the first).  I told the gentlemen that we were celebrating our 11 year anniversary/honeymoon because we weren’t able to while I was in the Marine Corps.  He looked at me and said thank you for your service.  I told him thank you and shook his hand.  To this point, I had not recognized that this was Robert Patrick I was talking to.  If you know me, trust me this is shocking due to you.   I have to point out the irony in this.  I love movies, love anything with Robert Patrick.  I felt like a moron for not having recognized him.  My brothers and I watched The Unit religiously and talked about it all the time.  Every time I watch Scorpion I just remember this literally “once in a lifetime moment” and I didn’t even notice.  I just treated him like a normal everyday guy on the elevator.  When he got off the elevator Shai says, “don’t you know who that was?”  I was like “no?” She says, “He’s a famous superstar for Terminator.”  This went on for a quite a little bit.  I cannot believe Shai recognized him before I.
So I tweeted Mr. Patrick on Twitter apologizing for not recognizing him.  You know what he did?  He wished us a Happy Anniversary!

2013_10_10 302


The most famous person to ever interact with me on Twitter!  As a fan, this is crazy awesome!

I want to point out a few things though.

First, Mr. Patrick treated me with dignity and respect as a normal person and veteran.  I don’t know him personally.  I am sure he meets fans and people from all walks of life every day.  I would imagine it can get tiring and overwhelming.  He is one stand up guy who I have the utmost respect for.

Second, I started following him on Twitter.  The first statement on his bio, “Faith Conquers Fear!”  Amen Mr. Patrick! As a Pastor I am honored to have met a man of faith who uses his status to let others know his beliefs.

Third, He celebrates, honors, and is involved with veterans all over.  He recognizes those who have served, currently served and honors those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Fourth, He interacts and loves his fans.  Whether its just a shout out on social media like Twitter or sharing a picture, he loves them!  That is awesome and he deserves to be recognized for that!

Fifth, he loves sharing the beautiful things of this world with others.   He takes pictures of where he has been and the places he sees.  Just like many others on Twitter and Facebook, he loves the world God has created and shares it with others.

In closing, I hope what you all take away from this is that Mr. Robert Patrick is pretty awesome all around person.  I have never spent any time around him other than this moment in the elevator and it has forever left a huge impression upon my life.  I hope to encourage you all not to assume things of celebrities and people you don’t know.  God has given us this life to leave His footprint upon others.  We all go through struggles and pains.  The small interactions that we have with each other count.  Share your gift God has given you with the world as Mr. Patrick has done.


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